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Felicitas Consultancy Services

Felicitas Consultancy Services FZ-LLC (FCS) was established with the mission of providing reliable and effective consultancy services on ISO standards to various industries, while also promoting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. Our goal is to empower businesses to achieve their full potential while promoting sustainable and ethical business practices.

We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services to meet various ISO standards requirements, including initial review and gap analysis, documentation, awareness sessions, implementation assistance, internal audit assistance, pre-assessment audit, ISO certification body selection assistance, and assistance in successfully completing the certification audit.


In addition to ISO consulting, we also provide ESG training to equip teams with the knowledge and skills they need to build a sustainable future for their organization and community. Our team is dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve their full potential and unleash their business potential.

Unleash your business potential with Felicitas Consultancy Services and discover how we can help you improve your performance, productivity, and work environment while promoting sustainability and ethical business practices.

Our Services
Abstract Background

ISO Consultancy

Felicitas Consultancy Services focuses on providing maximum range of consultation services as per requirements of various ISO standards which includes:


Competence development is an essential part of implementing any standard in organisation. Felicitas helps in you in enhancing your skill and confidence levels.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management includes Business Process Mapping (BPM), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).

Environment, Social && Governance (ESG) reporting using GRI Standard

ESG is a framework used by investors, companies and other stakeholders to evaluate the sustainability and societal impact of an organization. The components covered under ESG may include:

 Our team of experts

Felicitas Consultancy Services has team of well experienced consultants, who are all certified Lead Auditors for various ISO Standards. Each consultant has at least experience of 5 years in consultancy and auditing. Our Senior Consultants have experience of minimum 10 years.

We have worked with companies ranging from small scale to large scale (in terms of size, activities) and from single site to multiple locations. Our professionals are experts in delivering consultancy services to ensure that you are CERTIFIED AT THE FIRST TIME.


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